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Looking for an answer to a holiday question? It's probably in here.

At Deal of the Day Holidays we aim to make every part of your holiday as relaxing as possible. We know you may have questions about aspects of your holiday, so we have compiled answers to commonly asked questions.

Allocation on arrival is when the final choice of accommodation is left to the Tour Operator. The customers are allocated to an accommodation, by the local Tour Operator's Rep, upon their arrival in resort. It is usually not possible for the Tour Operator to take account of the type or age of client  for this type of booking.
Many times, especially for late deals, there is little if any cost savings for children, but will be offered if available. Please note that the greatest child savings are for early bookings- those traveling more than 12 weeks following the date of booking.
Air-conditioning is not always available, but it may be possible to hire a fan at a discretionary charge. When air-conditioning is available, there may be a discretionary charge payable locally. Please note that in certain self-catering apartments, air-conditioning is limited to the bedroom(s) only. If a property has air conditioning, it is usually stated by the supplier.
Most suppliers use emails to attach  E-Tickets and other documents.  In any event, you are able to travel without a paper ticket by quoting your booking reference at the airport.  The same applies to your accomodation and other services.   
You must check in at least two hours before departure, and many check-in desks open three hours before departure.  This is in order to ensure that all passengers and their baggage can be boarded on the plane in time for departure.
Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary worldwide. You should take health advice about your specific needs as early as possible. Sources of information include the Department of Health's free leaflet "Health Advice for Travellers" (available by phoning 0800 555 7777), your General Practitioner or a specialist clinic.
The Tour Operator will usually have a local Rep that will serve as a point of contact to guests. The Reps are carefully selected and fully trained, and are on duty during specified times of the day/week to ensure smooth running of your holiday and to offer guests advice, useful tips and the benefit of their local knowledge.
By international convention, accommodation is reserved from midday to midday. If you are travelling on a night flight, the accommodation will have been reserved from midday prior to your arrival so that is available for you upon arrival in the resort. It is therefor considered the first night of  your holiday.
Since customers are usually expected to vacate rooms by midday, the all-inclusive package will also finish at this time. if yo have a late flight, s ome hotels may offer the facility to extend the all-inclusive, but this must be arranged and paid for locally.
BB - Bed & Breakfast is usually continental breakfast unless otherwise stated. HB - Half Board is breakfast and evening meal and can be either buffet or waiter service at the discretion of the management. Bear in mind that customers with special dietary needs (for example, vegetarians, vegans and different cultures) may not find the same variety or options available that they are accustomed to. FB - Full Board will usually include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcoholic drinks will be included during meals, but will usually be limited. AI - All-Inclusive will include all meals, all hot and cold drinks including local spirits, wine and beer. These packages may also include entertainment and sports which may vary from property to property.
The local reps will advise guests of their precise departure arrangements. Guests are expected to vacate their room by noon on departure day. In the case of a night flight, the vacating day is noon prior to the departure time. The Tour Operator will endeavour to provide facilities for washing and changing etc. up to the time of transfer, but this may not always be possible and a charge may be levied in some cases.
If you wish to cancel or change a booking, whether it is to change the name of a member of your party, add another member, change the date you wish to travel, or cancel the booking altogether, we can do this. Please call the Administration Department: 0844 934 4619 (M-F, 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.), they will be happy to handle this for you. It is important to note however, that you will be subject to the terms & conditions of the Tour Operator that you have booked with and that administration fees will most likely be applicable.
Yes, it usually is possible to pre-book seats, but again, the terms and conditions may vary from Tour Operator to Tour Operator. Please be aware that many times this option is only available if you are booking 8 weeks in advance. Additionally, there is often a charge levied for this service.
If you are a British Citizen you must hold a valid 10 year passport with at least 6 months left to run. Children must also have their own passport. If the customer is not a British passport holder, they must consult the embassy of the country they are travelling to, in order to ascertain the visa/entry requirements for their nationality.
The carriage of sports equipment and possible costs varies between airlines. You will need to call the Tour Operator directly for this information, or consult their brochure.
The baggage allowance is usually 15-20kg per person, plus one small piece of hand luggage, which must weigh less than 5kg. This may vary between airlines, so please make sure you check your airline for exact information. A charge may be levied for any luggage over the allowed weight at check-in, however, carriage cannot be guaranteed.
In order to ensure the safety and welfare of our younger passengers we do not accept bookings for any individual aged 15 or under on the dates of travel, unless accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over.
Infants (under 2 years old on the date of the return flight) may travel seated on their parent's lap. An administration charge will be levied for each infant, and this charge varies (between £15-£35) depending on the Tour Operator. If, for example, one adult is travelling with two infants, then an extra seat must be purchased for one of the infants.
If you, or any member of your party have any special dietary requirements or other special requests, we are always able to make these requests to the Tour Operators. They will do their utmost to accommodate any special requests.
If you or any member of your pary have any disabilities, is is extremely important that we make the necessary arrangements to make your holiday go smoothly. We must therefore insist that you contact our offices on 08444 725 929 before completing any reservation to ensure compatibility for the holiday that you chose.
Most airlines accept expectant mothers for travel provided they are in a fit condition and not over the 30th week on the return sector of the flight. Many airlines, however, will require a doctor's certificate for travel up to the 32nd week.
You will be advised in resort if the tap water is safe to drink. However, many people prefer to drink bottled mineral water which is usually inexpensive.
UTC = Universal Time Constraint or GMT. Please remember that British Summer time is 1 hour ahead of GMT.
Balearic Islands - UTC + 1 (Winter), UTC + 2 (Summer)
Canary Islands - UTC (Winter), UTC + 1 (Summer)
Greece - UTC + 2 (Winter), UTC +3 (Summer)
Madeira - UTC (Winter), UTC + 1 (Summer)
Portugal - UTC (Winter), UTC + 1 (Summer)
Spain - UTC + 1 (Winter), UTC + 2 (Summer)
Turkey - UTC + 2 (Winter), UTC + 3 (Summer)
UTC = Universal Time Constraint or GMT. Please remember that British Summer time is 1 hour ahead of GMT.
We accept Switch, Debit, Solo, Electron, VISA, MasterCard & American Express. Switch, Debit, Solo, Electron incur a £1 charge to the customer. Visa & MasterCard incur a 2.5% (of the total) credit card charge. American Express also incurs a 2.5% credit card charge. These charges are advertised.
Check before you travel to your destination for up to date advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office: